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Bookkeeping Advisory Services

Bookkeeping Advisory Services


Maybe you're not looking for a bookkeeper, maybe you want to handle the business books, but would like someone to guide you should you get "stuck", or a second set of eyes when your checking account won't reconcile?  

Our bookkeeping advisory services are a great fit for these needs. We offer (3) different advisory options to choose from to ensure you find just the right amount of help you're looking for:

  • Just Starting - This is for small to medium businesses just starting out, or that just aren't sure what they need and includes-
    • 1:1 meeting 1x a week via zoom or other virtual platform up to 30mins
    • Email correspondence for all other items not covered in weekly meeting.
    • Choice of 1 topic to review in weekly meetings
    • Review of weekly transactions and list of recommended corrective actions if needed
  • Eager Learner - This option is best suited for small to medium business's that handle their own daily bookkeeping, but wanting validation of work done in books and includes-
    • 1:1 meetings up to 45 mins. 3x week via zoom or other virtual platform
    • Chat & email correspondence for items not covered in meetings 3x a week. 
    • Choice of 2 topics to cover in weekly meetings
    • Review financial reports for any discrepancies, offer bookkeeper recommendations in areas such as increasing sales, lowering vendor expenses and much more. 
  • Learning Guru - This option would be ideal for a business that handles its own books, and is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies, guidance on less standardized procedures and includes-
    • 1:1 meetings up to 60 mins 4x week via zoom or other virtual platform
    • Chat, Text, Email & Phone support for questions not covered in meetings throughout the week
    • Choice of 3 topics to cover in weekly meetings and review of financial reports 
    • Additional tips to maximize workflows as well as training in QuickBooks where we would guide you on best practices to use as you complete your bookkeeping for the business.
  • No Boundaries Learning - This option is our most extensive option and includes the following-
    • Unlimited weekly meetings Mon-Fri. Meaning: Lets say we wrapped up our meeting 2hrs ago but you find something to review or would like further guidance on - No Worries - just send us a quick chat and we will jump back on through our virtual platform to answer your questions. 
    • Contact us by chat, text, email, phone or any other reasonable communication method during our office hours Mon-Fri
    • Multiple topics to cover in weekly meetings 
    • Training materials to help you learn the basics as well as advanced functions within QuickBooks
    • 1 meeting each week dedicated to training in QuickBooks

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