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New Account Setup

New Account Setup

If you are currently using accounting software or want to migrate to QuickBooks Online, we will complete the following:

  • Setup of QuickBooks Online account for your business with an ongoing monthly subscription
  • Customize the Chart of Accounts (COA) to your business’s specific industry; all while providing easy online access to your books
  • Create custom reporting templates for your business 
  • Create data feeds for all your existing bank & credit accounts
  • Setup automated bank rules for easy categorizing & reconciling of each transaction
  • Per your request, we will review your current bookkeeping practices & recommend software, apps, etc. that will assist your workflows to reach maximum efficiency
  • Set-up of the following accounts up to the usage limit(1st tier-2 accounts, 2nd tier-4 accounts, 3rd tier-5+ accounts)
    • Business Checking account
    • Business Savings Account
    • Credit Card Accounts
    • Line of Credit and/or Loan Accounts
  • We will create bills from vendor list received from you & set reminders to ensure payment is submitted on time every time
  • We will create customized invoices with your logo, image & theme color for services your business performs
  • We will record payments received from online invoicing
  • Update, maintain and reconcile your A/R & A/P accounts and provide monthly reports upon request

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We know that the bookkeeping needs of each business or family are unique. Looking for bookkeeping services? Have questions about your taxes? Use our form to tell us more about your needs or concerns and receive a response by email , and schedule your FREE consultation. Or call and speak with a professional bookkeeper today. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response by email. For a faster response you can call or send a text message to (509)438-3779